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Work as a Nurse in Germany

Registered Nurses are responsible for assessing, monitoring, providing advice to and caring for patients. Depending on their specialization and qualifications, some nursing professionals may also be in-charge of documentation and evaluating care procedures, following orders of the doctor and assisting doctors in their work. Talking to patients families forms another important task of the nursing profession in Germany.

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Nurses to Germany

Germany urgently needs more qualified nurses. The German government created thousands of new jobs to make the profession more attractive. So, how can you enroll yourself as a registered Nurse in Germany? German based Indo European Career Builders is the ultimate answer.

Salary & Conditions

  • Salary for Nurses : € 2,800 to €3,200 per month
  • Bonus: Annual year-end bonuses
  • Contract Type: Unlimited, Full time, Three-Shift System, 40 hours work/week, One Month Annual vacation with salary.
  • Accommodation: Assistance with flat search – Expenses related to housing (rent, utilities) to be covered by employee.
  • Subsidized language training from A1 level to B2 in Indo European Career Builder in India.
  • Relocation: We offer relocation assistance in Germany.
  • We offer employment in Germany after language studies with us. For nurses B1 level is sufficient.


  • Registered Nurses with degree/GNM
  • B1 level German language proficiency
  • We provide health care experience
  • We assist to get the Anerkennung State License for registered Nurse.

A1 - Level

Learning simple enquiries in speaking and writing, and to give instructions. Building basic grammar skills and increase vocabulary

A2 - Level

Learning to express familiar, everyday situations and to read and understand simple texts.

B1 - Level

Consolidate and revise basic grammar structures, and learn discussions on topic.

B2 - Level

Learn to command the essentials of German language, practice reading, writing and discussing difficult topics and work-related issues.

German language training mandatory for nurses.

Depending on the law of German land you need to prove that you have a B1 German proficiency level under the European Framework of Reference for nurses. In certain cases German employers select nurses with A2 German language proficiency.

Major German Employer

German Language Training ( A1, A2, B1, B2)

German Placement

No Service Charge.